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3 steps to take to improve self-discipline


According to Merriam-Webster, it can have multiple meanings.

One can apply it considering the usage one needs it for.

Discipline definition by Meriam-Webster
Discipline definition by Meriam-Webster

In this case, we use it with the meaning of self-control.

Googling the word, it comes from the Latin disciples with the meaning instruction and/or knowledge.

As far as I can bend the word discipline to my needs – the meaning of the word would be:

“Get your ass off the couch and do things you need to do to get where you want to. Every day”.

Past me would usually pick up some things and do them over the course of 3 weeks and drop them.

Now, we don’t go into psychology here.

We go into what worked for me and what might work for you.

I have read (somewhere) that for a habit to form – it usually takes around 21 days.

Even before 21 days, I would drop things because I wasn’t motivated enough.


The answer might be that my motivation wore off or I didn’t see the results fast enough.

Also, there was always something more important.

The best example I have is working out.

For years, I would workout inconsistently.

A few times in a month.

A few months without a workout.


Until the back pain started repeating often due to work.

Until I wasn’t able to carry some things.

I ordered 3 months workout plan.

In a 7-day week, a 5-day workout is a regular schedule.

I skipped one day.

The next one skipped.

On the third day back pain was back.

That afternoon I exercised.

Until the end of the week, I did the rest of the planned exercises.

Since then, I am doing 5 workouts per week.

Source: Unsplash
Source: Unsplash

3 steps of self-discipline that can work for you

  1. Identify a problem.

  2. Set a goal & put an emotion behind it.

  3. Do it every day until it becomes a habit.

For example:


Workout. Emotion behind it: I don’t want to end up with worse back pain in the future.

I work out until it becomes a part of my routine. So I don’t want to skip it.

Do the steps above as much as needed.

I identified that my back pain comes back because I sit almost all day. I didn’t want to experience what I experienced in the past, so it was easier to work out.

Show up for yourself every day. It gets you closer to the goal you have.

Discipline is just a bridge between A to B.

Even when you don’t want to.

Even when it rains.

Even if the world ends.

Because it becomes a part of you & your character.

Also, ended up designing a planner.

One of the reasons: is pure excitement when I mark the circle ‘done’ in the workout section.

For other reasons, you will have to wait for the next story. 😊

Do you have any self-discipline system?

If not, why?


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