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Behind the scenes: Planner design

It happened in more of a simple way than you can imagine.

To set a scene, it looked like this:

I was working out for 2-3 days.

I decided to commit to a 5x per week workout.

No progress, no visible results.

Just blood, sweat & tears.

Mostly tears because I was out of shape.

For progress to take place, you usually have to stick with it.

You stick with it until it is a habit, or you don't.

I needed a way to keep my brain focused while I worked out every day, consistently.

I wanted to mark it down, with my own hand.

Pen on paper.

I envisioned marking: workout completed.

A little something to trick my brain into getting results, even before visual results.

Yes, I could have used Google Keep or any other application, but that wasn't it.

At first, the idea was to make some sticky notes.

Soon enough, I realized I had too many sticky notes and notebooks around.

I needed something that I could use for at least 80% of the things I do every day.

What I needed was a miracle notebook to get all of my journaling, self-care plans, planning, ideas…

I always liked planners.

Used a few, looked cool, and did not fit me.

Maybe I used the wrong planners, maybe I didn't.

Far less important now.

I googled.

Even though they all look amazing, it wasn't for me.

Somewhere between crying that I would not get a good planner & searching for one, I was already on my way to making one.

I sketched some rough ideas of the insides.

Designed a cover.

Found someone to make it into a printed version.


It was born.

First planner - ever.

Purple planner
Purple planner

Before I even noticed, I built a personalized solution.





to-do list,



daily summary & affirmations,

monthly & twice-a-year analysis.

With more iterations, a better version came.

Personalized solution with simple fonts & covers.

For journal & planning lovers.

For those who are more on the journal & gratitude side - GratiPlan.

All of them are without dates.

Makes them perfect to start on any Monday of the year.

We don’t have to hate Mondays, right?

With this happy tune, I will proudly say that I give my Purple planner for free.

I hope it will make you happy because it made me happy.

You can download it here or navigate to the Planners tab and check all of them.

Preorders for printed versions are soon to be opened.

Stay tuned to see how awesome they look!

Until next time, my DM is open!

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