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Digital visual content
  • Planners,
  • eBooks 

  • Workbooks,

  • Diaries – covers or whole book.​​

(can be available in print version, upon request)

Other type of digital design upon request

~ price depends on the project * 

Creative writing

~ price depends on the project * 

Web design
  • 3-5 pages website with WIX/Squarespace platform

  • landing pages with WIX/Squarespace platform

~ price depends on the project * 


(online - design, purpose, production and counseling

about your ideas/wishes/needs)

~from €20/hour

*Prices are formed according to the project, and depend on several aspects, like:

  • hours operated,

  • complexity and design of the project and

  • the deadline for the design and delivery of the project.

The preparation of the offer and the consultation regarding the creation of the content are paid upfront to the business account.

The price of the offer and consultation will be deducted from the total price of the project if it is accepted.

Upon acceptance of the offer, an invoice is sent along with payment information.
Payment is possible via the internet and mobile banking.

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