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Hi there

I am Amalija.

I started writing and freelancing various blogs, articles, and social media content.
Somewhere along the way, I realized that in my 15 years of work & self-development journey, I write consistently, applying the skills I got and transferring the knowledge to people around me.

Behind Amalis

Last year, I took a leap of faith and launched a blog with social media.

The idea is to inspire and share my perspective on how to grow by stepping out of your comfort zone.

I believe that every person can achieve what they dream of – as long as they are willing to take the steps to get there.
If you don't, that is also okay.

This blog is about writing, self-development, freelancing business & some other things.


Download a free yearly planner, without dates!

Made by me, for me at the time I was annoyed with mostly all of the planners I found.
Hope you enjoy it.

For the future, start planning your today.

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